Acne Treatment

What is Acne?

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands.  It is not a punishment for something you did wrong or failed to do. You simply have it through a genetic predisposition. Acne knows no cure, however, there are workable treatments that can keep acne under control and help create normal looking skin.

I’ve been an acne specialist since 2006, my modality is based on Dr .James Fulton, the most renowned acne expert and a co-founder of Retin-A. I took all his classes and use his product line for all my acne clients.


Professional acne treatments done by an acne specialist will help you clear your skin more quickly than with just products alone. As your skin specialist, I want to closely monitor your skin making sure that the treatments and products are working for you, and to make changes to your home care as needed. Also, to professionally exfoliate the skin so that home care products can penetrate the pore easily, to extract acne impaction, to kill acne bacteria inside the pore, and to lighten dark spots caused by acne lesions, to hydrate the skin so that your skin is receptive to your home care regimen.

Consultation is a must before proceeding to any treatments to make the most effective treatment plans for the type of skin you have and also for the grade of acne you have. Also to educate you of what the treatments in tail and give you recommendations to get your skin clear. A consultation form and questionnaire is also completed at this time.

45 min

Starts with skin analysis, deep cleansing treatments, extractions, high frequency treatment, therapeutic mask.

Initial treatment – 45 min to 1 hour.

Extra treatment –  LED blue light treatment

Extra treatment –  to add for back and or chest

It takes about 6 treatments over a three month period of time to get a completely clear results.After acne is under control, clients have to maintain your home care regimen . Also a follow-up treatment at least every 4 weeks.

This is a treatment that I as your skin specialist will determine when and what peel is suitable for your skin condition.
Initial treatment – 50 min

We offer a variety of facial treatments for all skin types. Such as our HydraFacial MD, ACNE Treatments
LED light skin facial, Microcurrent Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels.
We offer a full menu of facial services in the Monterey, CA area.